Not only Faceapp: 8 apps to "change" face with filters and tricks

Not only Faceapp: 8 apps to "change" face with filters and tricks

The best FaceApp alternative apps to apply filters to the face and modify the features of the face: a selection of software to download immediately

alternative faceapp apps(Photo: FaceApp)

FaceApp the most downloaded app of these days, one of the phenomena of summer 2019 thanks above all to the contribution of many celebrities who have used it on social networks to edit selfies and become children again or for age even half a century.

Its simple and immediate operation is just a few tap for a journey forward or back in time, as well as for other cosmetic variations for make-up and other make-up. In short, a series of face filters of great suggestion. What are the best alternatives to Faceapp to download now?


Msqrd was the forerunner software of all those who later came to change the face. It was no coincidence that it was then purchased by Facebook that acquired it and integrated its technologies. Ideal egr amazing photos and animations, fun and original.

Facebook Messenger

And in fact, thanks to Msqrd also on Facebook Messenger (for Android and iOS) you can affix numerous real-time filters to faces both in photos and videos, with effects ranging from horror to animals to the most absurd ones such as beards made by many mini selfies.


Snapchat another app that is also very popular for affixing filters and image effects and share them on other social networks. Just as in the case of Facebook Messenger, everything is in the internal camera menu and works in both photos and videos.

Face Changer Photo Gender Editor

As the name suggests, Face Changer Photo Gender Editor pu change your gender of the subject transforming it into the opposite one. The Tdev Team app can also rejuvenate or age, just like FaceApp.

Face Swap Live

It doesn't need too many presentations Face Swap Live, the popular software for replace faces of framed subjects managing to glue the somatic traits of the first person on the face of the second. Different possible contaminations also with animals or celebrities.

Face Warp Face Warp

Face Warp a nice application developed by Wombatica Gold that is mainly dedicated to real-time video editing to be shared in live streaming.


An artistic and very suggestive app that takes the selfie and turns it into a real one mini work of art created by artificial intelligence on the basis of the original image. Each time the result is different.


Finally, a very popular app dedicated especially to those looking for good level changes to look more charming or to add makeup. Compared to the thousands of other competing apps one of those that guarantees a more natural effect. Available for Android or iOS.

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