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dFx is increasingly determined to break into the Mac world and is well aware that the highly relevant professional environment in our world will also be present at the Seybold in San Francisco. They announce that company sources anticipate how a stand in the Apple area will set up a stand to illustrate the new possibilities offered to video acceleration by Voodoo 4 4500. The aim is to demonstrate how even users of applications like Photoshop and Quark will benefit from the power of the new cards. Unlike the Voodoo 4 5000 which is aimed at the gamer audience, the 4500 does not have integrated special effects and is not very specialized in 3D, but has equally interesting performance in 2D acceleration and a more accessible list price.3dfx is trying to find new markets to alleviate the economic problems and the sales crisis that is gripping it. The development of the Mac market is evidently seen as one of the possible solutions to combat the fierce competition of Nvidia that increasingly presses the producers of Voodoo.

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