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Not enough iCloud space: here's how to free it

Not enough iCloud space: here's how to free it


How to free up iCloud space for backup. Insufficient iCloud space: here's how to free it. Running out of space on iCloud? Here's how to free it up for backup

How to free up iCloud space | What to do when iCloud is full?


After finding out how to use iCloud, have you started to synchronize all your files online and now the GB of space provided by the free version of the service are starting to get tight? Don't worry, don't immediately have to sign up for a paid plan to continue using iCloud.

In this guide, in fact, I give you some tip on how to free up space on iCloud. This way you can get rid of unnecessary files and continue to use the Apple cloud storage service without spending a cent. Of course, sooner or later you will almost certainly have to purchase additional space for your data stored on iCloud, but for the moment you can go to insufficient space problem on iCloud putting the following advice into practice.

So if you want to find out how to free up space on iCloud, read on our guide on how to free up suiCloud space and how to solve the problem of insufficient suiCloud space.

Free up space on Clouds: here's how

If you want to find out how to free up space on iCloud, you must first analyze the status of your account and carefully evaluate the online storage space consumed by each content synchronized with the service.

To do this, connect to iCloud with your Apple device. If you are in possession of a iPhone or iPad, in the settings select the item “iCloud". Now analyze the status of your account and see how much space each file synchronized through the application occupies; therefore, evaluate the content to be deleted.

Now go up "Archive and backup" and, after selecting it, a screen will open. Click on "Manage storage".From the new screen you will know the space you have available: in this way you will be able to better manage your iCloud space by analyzing in a clear and simple way the files that take up the most memory on the iCloud.

obviously there are applications that take up a lot of spaceas much on your iPhone, iPod and iPad as on iCloud. For example, the application camera, if it contains many photos, it can really represent a big problem: I therefore recommend downloading your photos from iPhone to your computer manually, without saving them all on iCloud, to avoid taking up space. Also, if you have a Mac and you already have applications that manage photos on your computer, such as iPhoto, they do not need to be saved further in another program (such as iCloud) because they would represent duplicates. So unless you want to transfer photos from one device to another, free up your space on iCloud by deleting the photos you don't need (first make sure there is a backup somewhere else, just to be safe).

Now, if you have chosen to free up some space on iCloud, scroll down the list of applications and start disable all those for which you know you do not want to perform any backup. The operation to be performed very easy: just press the button next to the name of each application and then click on "Turn off" and then "Delete". Proceeding in this way, you can free up memory occupied unnecessarily on iCloud and consequently free up space on iCloud.

How to free up space from iCloud storage

Well, I would say that we concluded with the guide. Were you able to free up some space on iCloud? Do you still have insufficient space problems on iCloud?ICloud space always insufficient: have you solved the problem?

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