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Nokia: whoever buys our phones holds them in his hand as he wishes

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Nokia: whoever buys our phones holds them in his hand as he wishes –

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A Nokia mobile phone is held in the hand as you want and always works. The message launched today by the Finnish telephone manufacturer and appeared in an article, accompanied by a lot of images of a hand holding a cellphone in the most disparate ways, will appear incomprehensible only to very few of our readers, all those who have jumped to More even the weekend of news dominated by the reception problems of the new iPhone 4 and by the (not too happy in truth) Jobs's claims that there is no reception problem but only a problem that derives from an incorrect way of holding iPhone.

Just this position taken by the CEO of Cupertino at the center of Nokia's counter-marketing page that tries to hit Apple where it hurts today: the particular position of the iPhone 4 antennas which in some cases makes it difficult if not impossible to receive the signal. A problem that is not present with the Nordic society's cell phones: all the outlets that we have shown – reads in the blog that never mentions iPhone anywhere – are comfortable and in a time they do not give any signal degradation problems. This is not a particularity that you will find in high-end Nokia phones, but something that is part of all the devices made by us to date. Nokia then continues in its cross-cutting message: The key function of every Nokia device is the ability to make phone calls. After all this is the reason why we universally define them as mobile phones (or smart phones or fatures phones or mobile computers, although the same socket system works for all these devices). What we have experienced in recent years that people generally tend to hold them … well, like phones. Giving the ability to hold phones in a wide range of ways without interfering with the antennas has been an essential function of every mobile device built by Nokia. In the end, just below an image where a Nokia is held by covering (not surprisingly) the left corner, a new stylet: obviously you can pretend to ignore all our tips because you are practically free to hold your Nokia in the way you prefer. And you won't have any signal loss problem. Strong, huh?

The attack by Nokia, rather centered and potentially painful especially if Apple will not be able to curb the bug with a software patch, arrives during a day in which Cupertino in turn launched a noteworthy blow: 1.7 millions of iPhones sold. In practice, Apple has put into the hands of its customers in about 60 hours in just 5 countries more or less the same number of N97, launched as iPhone Killer, sold by Nokia in three months in 75 countries.

Recall that Apple and Nokia are not only competitors on the market but also in court where the Finnish company expects to challenge its rival on the charge of having copied and misused numerous patents and not only in the iPhone but also in the iPod.

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