Nokia updates Here Maps for Android and Windows Phone

Nokia updates Here Maps for Android and Windows Phone

The latest updates of the Here Maps application make your routes wider and more detailed

(Photo: Nokia)(Photo: Nokia)

Nokia, which recently released its Here Maps application for all Android devices, now integrates its cartography with a series of additions and corrections on a global scale.

Among the most consistent changes you can now find a more detailed reproduction of the building plans (which can be exploited in 11 European and US nations), the improved mapping of roads and public transport lines and the insertion of useful data to carry out a trial in the field of autonomous cars and assisted driving systems.

To update the maps on Android you will be notified of new updates, after which it will be sufficient to follow the instructions on the screen; for Windows Phone you just need to go to Settings, Applications, Maps and Check for Updates.

Now restart the application and get ready to travel.


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