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No shop in Germantown

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No shop in Germantown logomacitynet1200wide 1

It seems that the tug of war between Apple and the Germantown Design Review Commission has come to a standstill.The body, which monitors the strict rules relating to road signs in the center located in Tennessee, entered into a dispute with Apple that it intends to open his shop in a shopping center. A municipal law in fact prevents the use of food symbols in signs, and technically Apple's apple is the symbol of a food, and the backlight.Apple and the commission had come to an agreement, based on common sense, as regards the symbol. Germantown's disposition drew its raison d'etre from the need to make the signs 'worthy' but nobody had thought that a large company like Apple, which uses an apple as a symbol, could decide to open a shop in Germantown. Hence an exception, where instead it does not seem that there is an agreement on the backlighting of the sign. Apple insists that light filters from the edges of the sign which means having a bright sign, prohibited by the non-withdrawing commission. But even Apple does not seem willing to take a step back, hence the stalemate position. For now Apple has decided to suspend the process for opening the store 'which obviously cannot be opened – Apple's Ron Johnson – without the sign '. Not to be excluded, if one of the two sides does not take a step back, that Apple may decide to move the construction of the store elsewhere.

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