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No G5 in January?

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No G5 in January? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Many are waiting for the microprocessor conference that will take place next week to check whether Motorola will mention the G5. In that context, where the Schaumburg company had already presented both the G4 and the G3, many believe that the new processor destined for the next generation Macs could be announced. On yesterday, however, MacOs Rumors put forward the hypothesis that the evolution of the chip currently in use in our machines will not be available until mid 2002 and therefore cannot be used by Apple in a short time and consequently will not even be illustrated during the event. In fact, Motorola would still have some engineering problems that prevent it from pushing the processor to the desired speed. For this, according to the site dedicated to rumors, now the objective of Apple and Motorola together is to orientate themselves to the release of a new version of the MPC 7450 which could debut beyond GHz as early as January. It would be, in essence, the same architecture in use today but with some substantial changes (including the implementation of SOI) that would reduce the size and consumption.Contextually in the new Mac would be introduced a new motherboard with DDR 133 memories and others important news (MOSR does not say it but it could be precisely on that occasion that debut FireWire 2) In any case, something more than Motorola's maneuvers stemmed from the conference of the microprocessors but also from the fiscal report of the quarter during which we will talk a lot probably also the performance of the semiconductor sector.

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