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No desk wallpaper for iOS 4 on 3G, Jobs: "Processor blame"

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No desk wallpaper for iOS 4 on 3G, Jobs: Processor blame –

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iOS 4 on iPhone 3G does not have a desktop wallpaper for performance reasons. Here is the explanation that comes directly from Jobs on the reasons why the first of the iPhone 3Gs lacking this functionality is one of the characteristics of the new operating system.

The Apple CEO provides the explanation, pointing to a problem of fluid animation of the icons (for example for their dragging), via email, responding to the usual user who turned to him for clarification on the matter. "The animations of the icons – Jobs would have said – do not have enough performance on a background". In short, the underpowered processor.

The lack of functionality that introduces the "wallpaper" seen on the iPad to the iPad for the first time in iPhone had been deemed unexplainable by many sites, given that desktops have been available for a long time on jailbreak devices. Evidently, for Apple, he made some checks on the quality of the system and deemed the performance obtained from it to be unacceptable.

Recall that iPhone 3G also lacks password protection of the encryption code that passes through the hardware chip, multitasking and support for Bluetooth keyboards.

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