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No Apple stores in Europe

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No Apple stores in Europe logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple, at least for now, has no intention of expanding its retail strategy even outside the U.S. The first official clarification on this came in the context of the opening of the new store in Germantown, Tennessee. "Our strategy does not provide for the opening of our stores abroad – said Steve Jobs – we have no plans in this regard." "Our customers – said Apple's senior director of retail marketing Allen Olivo – we want to concentrate on a limited number of stores and be sure that they are efficient" Apple does not seem to totally exclude that in the future it will be able to open stores directly managed by parent company also outside the US, but this certainly will not happen in a short time. "Before anything else – Jobs said again – we have to refine the strategy based on what the first stores we have managed to do will do" From information collected by Macity in recent months, among the reasons why Apple seems not to be inclined to to extend at least for now the presence of its own stores outside the US, there would be the different European commercial structure where there are only very few focal points comparable to American malls. In the old continent it would be a matter of opening shops in the historic centers with very high management costs and without the same power of attraction towards customers In addition to this, if Apple also opened, as in the USA, twenty stores their number would be extremely low and the widespread diffusion literally derisory. It would be one or at most two stores per country; three in the most imported countries. Too little to have the visibility that Apple hopes for the "Store" operation

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