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Nikon presents its compact Coolpix: SQ

The new Coolpix offers a 3 million pixel CCD sensor, a 3x digital zoom (equal to 37-111 mm in 'analog' photography), all in a body with a unique and highly hi-tech design.

The shape is that of a square of reduced depth and the goal of the new 'digital square' to become a cult object for the world of fashion and a desire for the photographic world 'a sort of' photus symbol '. Nikon ensures images of high quality thanks to the same algorithm used on the Nikon D100 SLR, the fastest autofocus in its category, Nikkor optics, the unique metering system for reading the 3D matrix image in an easy-to-use camera.

The all-metal camera body, equipped with a 'rotating lens', which allows photographs to be taken from all angles, in any place and situation.

The ergonomic and compact shape of the Coolpix SQ makes it extremely easy to handle and 'pocket' but despite its small size (82x82x25.5 mm; 180 gr) it offers unique features, including 14 'scene' modes, a new graphic design of the monitor and a system that ensures maximum visibility in any situation, even in bright sunlight. Inside the camera is the rechargeable battery (standard) and the slot for the Compact Flash Card, to store printable images in large format and 40 second video clips with audio.

The Coolpix SQ equipped with the Cool-station system that allows the dialogue between the camera and the computer and also allows the battery to be recharged, is equipped with a USB interface. Together with the Nikon Coolpix SQ the Nikon View 6 software is offered, which allows quick management of the images taken and the innovative anti-red-eye function, applicable to the shots already taken. Thanks to the Nikon Fotoshare software, on the other hand, it will be possible to share the emotions contained in your shots with close and distant friends.

The price is yet to be determined, the availability on the Italian market set for April.

Main features – 3.1 effective megapixels – 3x optical zoom – Nikkor – 9 – Multi AF area – Flash with range up to 5.0m – Quick response – Macro up to 4cm – 15 Scene Mode – Movies with audio up to 40 seconds – Charging cradle and USB communication with the COOL-STATION MV-10 cradlesoftware computer