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Nike + crosses the finish line of 22 million miles traveled

That Nike + had been a success had already been understood; but perhaps not everyone thought that the technology born in collaboration between Apple and Nike could revolutionize the concept of running / fitness.The users of the service have already totaled 22 million miles traveled, an impressive figure that makes the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčhow much Nike + has developed and taken hold.

Trevor Edwards, Vice President of Nike's Global Brand & Category Management, also proved enthusiastic about the milestone achieved. A service born from a simple idea that has now become a custom phenomenon, capable of creating a real community of runners engaged in different parts of the globe.

Given the success, Nike will present new features this summer, which will allow users to customize their races, creating ad hoc rules or teams to join, perhaps by uploading their photo online, to make the challenges even more personal.

Other new options will be added: real virtual marathons, to participate online in real events; the Nike + Distance Club, which provides access only after covering 100, 500 or 1000 miles, and a weekly ranking, to better know the members of the community and their performance.

On the musical side, it is planned to create compilations of original songs that can accompany the jogging sessions. Among the artists involved are The Crystal Method, OK Go and Aesop Rock; the songs will be available for purchase on the iTunes Music Store, ready to be uploaded to iPod to animate the challenges from a distance.

iPod and music are seen as fundamental ingredients, capable of giving rhythm to one's run and of providing a strong stimulus in achieving the set goals.

The secret of Nike + having been able to create a community, an aspect that allows you to live the race no longer as a private and isolated experience, but as an activity to be shared with anyone else who has the same passion, even miles away. Passion increasingly stimulated by the healthy competition that only other people can offer, even if online.

Nike + another example of the success of Web 2.0: in the end it is always a social networking service built through the mesh of the Net and fueled by competition and, why not, by the sweat of people.

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