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Nice Solemyo automates doors and gates with solar energy

Nice Solemyo automates doors and gates with solar energy

Automate doors and gates without paying the bill possible by relying on Nice Solemyo, a system that runs on solar energy only. This solution is a valid alternative for all those situations – purely residential – in which an electrical system can be not very convenient. , such as to automate the opening and closing of gates on external properties without having to carry cables or for those condominiums who would like to avoid the connection and utility bills for the sole management of a barrier-raising system.

The Nice Solemyo kit, on sale at a price of 299 euros, consists of two parts: a SYP photovoltaic panel – for 24V power supply with maximum power 15W – which converts sunlight into electricity and a PSY24 battery box with control circuit of the recharge and transport handles that conserve the electricity produced by the SYP panel, supplying it continuously and permanently throughout the day.

Nice Solemyo automates doors and gates with solar energy

The system can be installed anywhere without making connections and excavation works, even in places very distant or difficult to reach from the electricity network. The use of solar energy for power supply, in addition to long-term savings, also guarantees full respect for the environment since solar energy is used, which is free and clean.

The long life of the energy reserve combined with the low consumption ensures the system works even at night and during long periods of cloudiness. An accessory power supply is also available which allows rapid battery charging via the 230 Vac mains voltage as an alternative to the photovoltaic module (there is an LED indicating that charging has been completed).

If it is necessary to install two or more solar panels in parallel, it is possible to individually purchase the codes that make up the Solemyo system to increase the system's charging capacity or use a single SYA1 power supply to recharge several PSY24 battery boxes.

The Nice Solemyo kit can already be purchased from this Amazon page at a price of 299 euros.

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