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Newton MessagePad 110: an Apple rarity for sale on eBay

ebay apple newton messagepad clear 110

Here is an unmissable opportunity for those who love heirlooms that have marked the history of hi-tech: check an eBay handheld from the 1990s on eBay

ebay apple newton messagepad clear 110Source:

Remember the old handheld computers that depopulated during the last twenty years of the second millennium? Some with built-in keyboard and others with a nib, i PDA – Personal Digital Assistant – were the forerunners of tablets that we currently use every day.

And, despite the fact that the new generations are always looking for devices that are increasingly richer in innovative technologies, there are those who are still strongly linked to the past and would pay – even a lot – for handling a relic that has marked the history of technology.

For those who believe they belong to this slice of users, an advert published by a US user appears on eBay, which sells a very rare copy of Newton MessagePad 110 "Clear": the transparent version of the Apple handheld dating back to the early 1990s and among the most innovative of the time.

Able to transform freehand writing into digital, surf the internet and perform many other revolutionary activities, this model has 4MB of storage memory, a stylus pen and a black and white screen with a resolution of 336 x 240 pixels.

ebay apple newton messagepad clear 110Source:

According to what was described in the announcement, the device would have been distributed directly by Apple to developers during a conference – therefore it would be an extremely limited production – and, whoever completes the purchase, will receive the handheld in its original box with instruction manual, nylon and leather cases, some brochures and other accessories: a real collector's piece.

Currently the selling price of $ 1050 – approx 950 euros – and the seller, in addition to accepting any proposals, willing to ship the item worldwide, even in Italy. A quadruple figure compared to some other MessagePad for sale on the same site, but proportionate to the rarity of the piece.


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