New voices: the Japanese iTunes in August

New voices: the Japanese iTunes in August

Last April there was a rumor that Apple Japan management had confirmed the opening of the iTunes Music Store in the Land of the Rising Sun for August 2005. In June came the denial.

Now the Avex label which, in its own press (17.8 KB, PDF portrayed on the side, for those familiar with Japanese), not only informs us that their Japanese-pop artists will be available through the iTunes platform but that this world-famous virtual store will be available on the Japanese market during the month of August.

The agreement is valid until March 2006 but future contract extensions are already underway.

An iTunes Music Store evidently among the priorities of Cupertino seen the extremely interesting market, the real missing pawn to a complete design that sees the iPod as another successful player, only recently passed (regarding the shuffle model) by similar Sony products , only for the disadvantage of a Japanese digital music store not yet started.

Sony also has many interests in digital music and it will be seen if its artists will license Apple's music to sell on iTunes, especially Japanese ones, which are in great demand by the local population.

On the prices of the songs that will be sold in Japan through iTMS there are still no certainties, if not the will of Cupertino to have a price as well as competitive but unique for each song on the list.