google algorithm update original news

New update of the Google algorithm that rewards original news

With a September 12 post published on, Richard Gingras, vice president of Google News, says that Google has made changes to the guidelines regarding the evaluation criteria for news articles, rewarding the placement of the most authoritative content.

google algorithm update original news

The goal of curbing the well-known fake story. Equally known are the actions of contrast against those who spread media hoaxes by government agencies and supervisory bodies. Over the years, Google has implemented systems to reward quality content, but last year's profit-making on this type of news often manages to get around its filters.

The news, therefore, comes to re-establish a hierarchy of merit to reward with a better visibility those articles coming from newspapers recognized as authoritative and that first publish the news. Not that this means darkness for those who come out with the news second, but certainly not the same positioning for those who limit themselves to summarizing the facts without any elaboration.

Greater visibility to original and in-depth content

The most used search engine in a large part of the world cannot afford to lose the battle against poor quality content or worse against false news. necessary, continues Gingras, that Google continues to deserve the trust of users. For this reason the updating of the algorithm gives more visibility to the journalistic insights and will take into account those who had the merit of discovering the news, in the case of a scoop.

The criticism against this novelty concerns small publishers. Since the importance and reputation of the magazine seems to be one of the most important parameters in determining the judgment on journalistic content, one wonders what happens to the small local newspapers. In reality, so it follows from Google's statements, local newspapers will be given more credit for news and news updates related to the territory. That they have only local or even national relevance.