New Twitter design - profile photo

New Twitter design: all the news on how the social network changes

Here comes the new Twitter design. the aesthetic changes but not only, new functions, improvements and a new philosophy for conversations arrive.

You can really talk about a new Twitter design, a complete transformation of the social network, immediately very evident for those who use the iOS app that concerns aesthetics, but also functions. After significant changes in monitoring sensitive content, design innovations are now coming.

New Twitter design, simpler

The first change is towards simplicity. Tabs for navigation are reduced from 5 to 4. Now at the bottom of the screen there are only the Home button (the timeline of each account); licona Search (for research); that of notifications (or mentions) and private messages. To access the profile settings, to the other registered accounts, now you simply have to scroll to the right and the new side menu appears.New Twitter design - profile photo

Twitter now opens links in Safari

Another significant change is the management of the links. Clicking the links in the new Twitter now opens the web pages in Safari and not in the Twitter app. This choice was made to help people who have accounts registered on websites, in particular news. If a site requires to be registered and logged in to view the contents, this was not possible (or at least it was laborious) by doing it from the whole of the app. Opening in Safari makes the operation automatic for the user. Another advantage for the user is the possibility to view the links through Safari in private mode, eliminating the trace of what one is looking at.

New Twitter design

The aspect of Twitter has changed a lot, in many elements. Licona for the answers no longer a curved arrow, but a round comic strip. It symbolizes a different approach to conversations by the new Twitter. It is not just a question of answering but starting a conversation. This change was also decided because some users, especially new users, thought that the curved arrow meant back, Back or cancel. One of the most obvious aspects in the new Twitter design are the profile photos that have now become round. This is to avoid confusion with the photos inserted in the tweets. The headers of the various sections are now in bold, so as to be immediately evident.New Twitter design - Answers

New features

At the level of new functions, the most important is the real-time updating of the likes and retweets count under each tweet. The numbers change gold under our eyes, without needing to update the page.

Another novelty that was first noticed by our reader Veen.psd is the background that changes when you view the images in full screen, the color changes and matches the main color of the photo displayed at that moment. The graphic novelty only for iOS app users.

New Twitter design

New Twitter design, where it applies

These changes are applied to all Twitter viewing modes and in particular in the App for iOS, for Android, on, TwitterLite, TweetDeck.

What's missing in the new Twitter design?

The function that still lacks the possibility of modifying tweets once published, there is no possibility of correcting what has been written and the only possibility still remains today to completely cancel the tweet and do it again. It was one of the functions this loudly by the users, but still need to wait.