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New Titanium on the horizon?

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New Titanium on the horizon? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Approaching the release date of updated versions of Apple laptops? At the moment there are no precise indications on the subject but only assumptions based on rumors to be verified. In recent days Macity has reported the news according to which some US customers who had sent their Titanium to repair had seen a machine that came back mounted, instead of the DVD player, a CD slot loading burner with the DVD player included. This, if confirmed, would suggest that Apple has the "coveted" front-loading drives with the included burner necessary to launch a Titanium capable of creating on the market CD and that its presentation is probably only a matter of a short time.Today, apparently confirmed, MacOs Rumors receives the information that at some retailers the Titanium would have been marked with the initials EOL, End Of Life, or end of production which would mean replacing the model within a short time. In the past weeks other sites had assumed that the Titaniu m could be subjected to a revision that would entail, in addition to replacing the DVD player with a drive capable of burning CDs, updating the Rage 128 graphics card and adding more Ram as well as the canonical upgrade It is also assumed that the laptop could obtain the 450 and 550 MHz MPC 7410 instead of the current 400 and 500 MHz processors and that an entry level model equipped only with a CD burner could be introduced. recently Apple has never updated its laptops before a year and, above all, has never changed the video card on a model of the same series. Therefore, if Cupertino decides to operate in this sense, this would be a significant novelty also from the point of view of the commercial strategy. that it suffered some time ago; a cut to the list usually means the need to speed up sales in view of the launch of new models.

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