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New Titanium and new iBooks, here they are

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Processor up to 667 MHz, Gigabit Ethernet, Radeon Mobility graphics processor. The essential characteristics provided by most sites have all been respected. The new Titanium, which made its appearance a few minutes ago on all Apple USA sites, is not surprising those who followed the unfolding of the news of the past few days.

The most interesting feature is the increase in processor speed. It is a 550 and 667 MHz G4 (not yet clear which type of G4), a considerable leap forward compared to previous versions. Certainly also the adoption, finally, of a modern graphics card; this is the portable version of ATI's Radeon, in the opinion of most experts certainly the fastest in its category.

Note that the bus on the 133 MHz 667 MHz version and no longer 100 MHz of the previous versions (and the new 550 MHz version), another guarantee of increased performance.

The size of the disks also increases, now 20 and 30 GB, and on the 667 MHz version the Airport card is pre-installed. According to the press releases, the new generation power supply, lighter and smaller. The autonomy that remains fixed at five hours does not change; the expected DVD and CD-RW combo is not provided. In fact, the DVD remains standard while the CD-RW slot loading option is an option (but the DVD must be renounced)

Everything as planned also for the iBook. The processor speed changes to 600 MHz; disks grow up to 20 GB (but there is also a version with 15 GB) with 128 MB of Ram. The combo DVD-ROM / CD-RW version drops $ 100 on the US market. The version with CD-RW remains in the price list but will still have the 500 MHz processor. The version with 600 MHz is present only with CD, DVD and Combo.