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New Titanium and iBooks: signs of intensification

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New Titanium and iBooks: signs of intensification logomacitynet1200wide 1

The moment of the release of new versions of the laptops by Apple appears near. Many American and European sites say that almost simultaneously launched the news today, according to rumors the Titanium would be upgraded with new 667 and 550 MHz processors (600 and 700 MHz according to other sources), HD of larger size (20GB / 30GB) and, above all, a new graphics card, the powerful Radeon 128 Mobility.In addition, the motherboard would have a 1 GB Ethernet connection and a bundled aiport card.Uncertain presence of the reader with DVD burner; the offer of optional models (DVD / CD-RW and Superdrive) is more likely as is the case for iBooks. And regarding iBooks, low-end laptops would suffer an increase in the clock, brought to 600 MHz with 15GB / 20GB discs and 128 MB Ram memory. No news in terms of video card.If the indiscretions that want the new Titanium to use the MPC 7440 (the low consumption version of the 7450 used by the G4 Quick Silver) will prove to be exact it will be interesting to see how Apple will be able to overcome the greater consumption of energy compared to the MPC 7410 which will determine an almost double consumption and a higher heating. Those who believe in the release of the new laptops bring, as already mentioned in recent days, proof of the indication EOL (End Of Life, end of production) that would accompany titanium in the description of US merchant warehouses and their scarcity on the market. Some retailers have even said they are sure of the launch within a few days. The new iBook and Titanium models should be on the market before the end of the month or, according to rumors, at the beginning of next November. In time, however, for the Christmas shopping. As regards prices, Titanium should not undergo any change; the iBook should drop in the combo version: DVD / CD-RW, of about 200,000 lire. It is likely that Apple may launch an incentive program to liquidate the stocks of the models currently on the list.

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