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New premium Twitter APIs: features and costs for developers

Twitter has now introduced the new premium APIs to bridge the gap between the free service and company-wide tools provided through Gnip.

The new Premium APIs from Twitter (paid ones) arrive Twitter offers a solution for angry developers due to the limitations imposed on their apps when they use the free service APIs. The company has now introduced premium APIs to bridge the gap between the free service and company-wide tools provided through Gnip.

Historical research, the first tool of the new API, now available in public beta. The developers will be able to access the tweets of the last 30 days and perhaps, finally, even to old elements like the inaugural tweets of CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey, in 2006, a major upgrade from the previous seven-day limit. In addition, Twitter is making support available for additional tweets per request, higher rate limits, more complex queries and more.

Nuobe Premium API by Twitter: features

"The new premium APIs bring the reliability and stability of our business APIs to our broader developer ecosystem for the first time," he wrote Adam Tornes, Twitter Product Senior Manager, “And include a clear upgrade path that scales access and price based on your needs. We have built these new products to enable innovation. "

The Twitter API rate limit was seen as a problem by the developers since the blog post was published in 2012, when the company stated that the developers needed a license if their apps "would require more than 100,000 tokens individual users. ”This issue was raised again during the 2015 #HelloWorld Twitter tour, in which Dorsey apologized for the somewhat difficult relationship of the company with the developers and invited them to present their concerns specifically: one of the most cited problems to emerge was the rate limit of the Twitter API and the restrictions on tokens.

Twitter premium API: costs

The plans of the costs for the new premium Twitter APIs start at $ 149 per month and they arrive up to $ 2,500. This is a significant difference compared to the Gnip offer of the company, as it allows developers to pay monthly instead of annually. Here are the specifications of the prices for the premium twitter API:

Up to 500 requests / period: $ 149 / month Up to 1,000 requests / period: $ 289 / month Up to 2,500 requests / period: $ 699 / month Up to 5,000 requests / period: $ 1,299 / month Up to 10,000 requests / period: $ 2,499 / month

What you can do with Twitter's premium APIs

With premium APIs, developers can receive 500 tweets per request, 1024-character query length, 60 requests per minute and 10 requests per second, as well as URLs, polling and geographic enrichment.

"There is a huge gap, if you are a developer who builds something with the free Twitter API, you will begin to reach the limit and the rate limit, without being able to go further. Today, if you exceed the forecast of the free product, you have some options. You can upgrade the offer to the enterprise level, but incredibly expensive and resource intensive ", shared a Twitter spokesman. "The enterprise-level APIs were not reachable for most developers. was a huge sore point for a decade, as people wanted higher access to Twitter data via API and, in many cases, offered to pay for it, but there was still no adequate solution for them ".

Twitter Premium API: the portal

Twitter is also launching a portal for self-service developers for those who use Premium APIs, with the aim of providing greater transparency in the use of data. Developers can monitor access and adjust their plans accordingly.

The Twitter Premium API they are not a surprise and have been described in the Twitter developer roadmap published earlier this year. In a public meeting of the Trello board, the company indicated that it was considering additional APIs with autonomous access and additional endpoints, as well as developing advanced search capabilities.

The new Premium API's were expected by the developers

The developers will probably welcome the news of this solution, although many will say that they are already late. After the company's mea culpa during its 2015 Flight conference, Twitter made several efforts to better understand the needs of developers and reassigned resources, including the sale of its Fabric mobile development platform to Google. Dorsey said his goal is to refocus the company on its key products and business to ensure long-term growth and this also includes public APIs.

Just look at Twitter's recent quarterly earnings to understand the impact of the data. The company revealed in the third quarter that the data business "the fastest growing area" and that it will probably play an increasing role in the future.

Twitter requires those interested in the new tools to complete a request; this process includes requesting information such as basic contact details and what the developers intend to do with the data. A company spokesman explained that the answers will help Twitter understand the areas in which it should invest, also helping to prevent abuse.

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