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New possibilities for iShock USB

New possibilities for iShock USB logomacitynet1200wide 1

The driver supports both the iShock and iShock II models (the latter with the force feedback mode). Improved reliability of the "autofire" function Supports two-player mode, both iShock and iShock II are interchangeable and can be used together. Patches for games such as Bubble Trouble and Quake 3 are available on the site. You can download them from this page by locating the “iShock game settings” column: – Abuse iShock – Bubble Trouble iShock – Carmageddon iShock – F / A-18 Hornet iShock – MDK iShock – Nanosaur iShock – Swoop iShock – Quake3 Arena iShock (for Quake 3) This is an excellent solution even for those who use Virtual Game Station, the Playstation emulator on Mac.

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