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New PB from 17, Apple tip big

New PB 17, Apple tip big – Macitynet.it

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The new 17-inch Powerbooks will be assembled by Compal Electronics. The announcement was made today by the Taiwanese company itself, one of Cupertino's main partners for some time.

For some time Compal has already been in charge of assembling the components of the 15-inch Powerbooks and the new order for the production of the most sophisticated of Apple machines raises it to the status of Cupertino's privileged partner.

Compal's projections are interesting, which talks about a delivery of 200,000 or 300,000 pieces by the end of the year. Being a very expensive machine and with high profit margins, if these forecasts were respected, the new PowerBook would have a significant impact on Apple's profits. Just think that last fiscal quarter (closed at the end of September) the whole PB range had hardly reached 58,000 units sold, a figure that projected over the year means that the new Powerbook 17 alone should sell as much as the whole range of Pro laptops in 2002 and in less time. A truly sensational success.

In Taiwan, we remind you, all the main Apple assemblers are based.

Quanta also produces 15-inch PowerBooks and 17-inch iMacs (after ceasing the 15-inch iMac last October); Elitegroup has the task of assembling iBooks and may soon have the task of also building 12-inch Powerbooks; Foxconn instead assembles the eMacs and the iMac CRTs after taking charge of the machines until recently produced in the LG plants.

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