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New Nvidia chips

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New Nvidia Chips logomacitynet1200wide 1

Nvidia announced yesterday a new series of acceleration card chips based on the GeForce architecture. The processors, which to distinguish them from those of the previous version are called Titanium, will be distributed in three models. The GeForce Ti 500 is the flagship product, defined by Nvidia as the most powerful product in the series capable of providing unrivaled performance. The GeForce 3 TI 200 is the mid-range chip while the GeForce 2 Ti is the low-end chip. The high-end chips include some new technologies such as 'Shadow Buffer' that can hardware accelerate the shadow design previously available only for some professional level products.Note that cards based on these new processors, evidently a response to the new wave of chips by ATI, will not be available to OEMs that in the middle of the month and therefore will reach the public only in a couple of months. At the moment Nvidia does not make any clarification on compatibility with the Mac world. In the past, for the Californian company it has always claimed that each new product would also be made compatible, at the hardware level, with Cupertino's architecture.

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