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New Macs with charge steps

New Macs with charge steps | Macitynet.it

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It really seems that for New York products, they are starting to charge towards retailers. After the news reported by Macity in the past few days yesterday our site has collected other prepayments on the availability of the machines which does not seem to be that described by some American sites. Some Italian retailers have let us know that they are waiting by the end of month of all the models released in New York, and among them the 450 and 500 MHz processors and the Cube, but also monitors, including the Apple Cinema Displays. Only the iMac entry level will be lacking in the call, as expected. If what our friend from Switzerland refers to finds a confirmation also in Italy, not only are the new models available but they have also been really appreciated by the users. written by Pier Luigi Lorenzetti

"I am a student of Computer Engineering but during the year I work at the post office (parcel sorting) on ​​Saturday morning (from 00:30 to 7:00); only for this month for full-time work (ie: every morning, 6 days a week). This Saturday, I saw many Macs arrive at the site, destined for those companies that do not buy directly from Apple channels. These products were mostly dual-processor G4s, a cube, a Blue iMac (new version) and also a display studio and this only for what I could see or that I personally experienced). I must say that this Saturday was a real boom. Normally such a quantity arrives during the week. Several times I happened to the TFT cinema display (22 ″). So, I don't dare to think about the quantity of merchandise that arrives to those retailers that buy directly from Apple (Ireland) and do not pass through the Post Office "

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