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New laptops, what changes in processors

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New laptops, what changes in processors logomacitynet1200wide 1

The differences between old and new Titanium do not stop at the bus, the size of the HD and the standard accessories supplied. Even the processor, from the first information collected, is different. Version 667, now almost certain, uses an MPC 7440, the low-consumption version of the MPC 7450, the latest generation of the G4 processor, the one used on desktop Macs. A choice that appears interesting especially from a technological point of view. Many speculated that Apple would not be able to engineer a laptop around the 7440 that has higher consumption, and therefore also higher heating, than the 7410.On the other hand, 550 MHz continues to use the old 7410 processor that was already used in the first generation of Cupertino laptops. It should be noted that The Register, acutely, states that to sell 667 and 550 MHz machines based on this type of processor Apple must have applied an overclocking process. Motorola distributes the 7440 at 600 and 700 MHz. The same must be said of the 550 MHz version that if it really uses the 7410 processor it must have been brought to higher speeds by an artificial process, since Motorola distributes the processor with maximum speed from 500 MHz The iBook chip should also change. The previous version used the PPC 750CX, now, brought to 600 MHz, it could have been switched to the PPC 750CXe, the same as the latest generation of iMacs. The PPC 750CX, in fact, is not available in 600 MHz cuts

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