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New laptops, Apple anticipates the times

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New laptops, Apple anticipates the times logomacitynet1200wide 1

Now everyone is convinced: journalists, analysts and independent observers: Apple will present in an event that has not yet been announced, the complete renewal of the range of laptops. As mentioned several times in recent days, it is a new version of iBook, characterized by a 600 MHz processor and 15 and 20 GB discs, and the new Titanium with 667 MHz and 550 MHz processors, larger capacity discs, Radeon Mobility graphics card, CD-RW and DVD-CD-RW combo. The laptops will be announced tomorrow, 24 before the announcement of the tax results. According to analysts interviewed by C / Net, the fact that Apple presents a renewed PowerBook belongs to the logic of things. After a very good start, the Titanium slowed down sales and at the moment it was struggling to establish itself in a segment where competition has raised the level of its offer, while the decision to present a new iBook is surprising. “Our contacts both in the USA and in Europe – say Gillian Munson and Stirling Levy of Morgan Stanley – tell us that the demand is still very high. There would be no need for renewal. " Sales of the laptop would even have been at the level of those of some desktop models. Apple for probably wants to strengthen the iBook in view of Christmas, above all it wants to make it more suitable for the use of portable digital hub by increasing the capacity of the disks (today they are only 10 GB), an indispensable feature when it comes to connectivity with cameras. "The choice of intelligent Apple – says Stephen Baker of NPD Intellect – over the past few months the prices of various components have fallen in price and if you do not offer new models you run the risk of finding yourself in a bad position". In short, Apple anticipates the events and tries to take advantage of the particular moment in which the image and quality of the products can give it an advantage over the competition.

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