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New iPhone 4: Macity has tried it

he, the iPhone 4. Four as the progressive number of the model that Apple has just presented here at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, four as the processor that makes its bowels palpate (the A4 designed by Apple itself on the basis of the Arm model Cortex 8), four as the number of times the screen resolution has been increased with "retina display" technology. And Macity went to try it for half an hour, the first Italian site and one of the very few in the world, during a "hands on" curated by Apple herself behind the Moscone West room where the keynote ended.

Take the iPhone 4 in hand and the sensations overlap. The device is substantially the same weight and size as the previous 3G and 3Gs but with a completely different "solidity". You can immediately feel the remarkable robustness of the steel triblock frame that surrounds the bright crystal screen, creating a very pleasant contrast.

Other sensation: much flatter. iPhone 4 so flat and squared (even if the corners are obviously all beveled) that you can safely leave it on a "standing" table, thanks to the steel frame that surrounds it. All four sides are in fact perfectly manageable as supports and the appliance appears well stable in an upright position.

A further and more important sensation: the display. In the half hour available we played in all possible ways with iOS 4 to try to see what news the Apple operating system presented. In fact, another aspect was certainly the most striking. The incredible brightness and definition of the screen. The resolution, with a fourfold increase in the number of pixels, up to exceeding the density of 300 pixels per square inch (threshold of perception of the human eye) makes the retina display a more than palatable alternative for eBook displays Kindle reader. And in fact, precisely on the application of iBooks we went to see, to understand how and what you see.

The books and PDFs, on the small screen of the iPhone, suddenly acquire a sharpness and clarity, symmetrical to that of the photos which we then went to see on the album, impressive. Even for the video, but on the printed text that the most visible effect: in fact, by looking at a PDF of Lilliputian proportions, the writer (who does not wear glasses and slightly farsighted) was able to see an impressive definition of characters. It reads the impossible, as if the page was printed on the display. This, combined with an abnormal viewing angle (we don't find other ways to describe it, given the power of the IPS display) literally opens up a new world for using the phone. And we can't help but let our imagination run forward, as we quickly write these notes on our iPad, thinking about what the impact of these technologies could then be when they will be brought back to iPad, probably with the first revision in a year.

In any case, the hands-on test of the iPhone 4 is impressive. Until now, the most striking phone. Natural and instinctive to switch from one application to another with multitasking, excellent management of icons with folders, wonderful clarity of vision of the display, extraordinarily solid and well-performing structure of the phone. We liked the black model more, surprisingly, because instead almost everyone was passionate about the white version of the two-tone Apple devices.

Finally, quick proof of the video. We tried taking a couple of photos and making two video shots, as well as successfully attempting a quick FaceTime video chat. Excellent results: much faster than iPhone 3Gs, maximum results with scene lighting even without using the LED and indoors with strong light contrasts. Test passed with flying colors, especially for the 720p HD video, while for the photographic images, the brightness was really extreme at times in its contrasts, and therefore it could not result in noise-free images even using a compact device of a very different range .

The conclusion, after half an hour with the new Apple brand in hand, that iPhone 4 is really a significant leap forward as far as iPhone technology is concerned. The sensational industrial design, the remarkable choice of materials, the overall good impact. Obviously, the iOS 4 must also be tested in the field more calmly, because at this moment it was not possible to test the phone in different environments, but simply to mess around from one application to another. Among other things, the increase in quality is also noteworthy for the apps of the developers, whose texts and standard interface elements (buttons, buttons and so on) now appear in high resolution. The new iPhone comes with the most advanced phone among those ever made by Apple, with excellent software and hardware integration. Now it's Android and Blackberry to worry about.