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New iMacs and eMacs, the strong euro helps the price lists

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Apple released the price of the new iMacs for the Italian market a few minutes ago.

Unlike the US market where costs have risen (even if the performance and equipment justify the increase) for Apple's customers in Italy the refresh actually translates into a saving on previous costs for the entry level model and in the supply of a Mac with higher performance, but the same price, for the 17-inch model.

Also as a result of the "strong" Euro, you can now buy a "combo" iMac with 800 MHz processor, 256 MB of Ram and 60 GB HD for 1558.80 euros against the previous 1918 euros.

The 1 GHz model, with renewed motherboard, Superdrive and 17-inch screen costs 2278.80 euros, the same price as the previous 15 model and which had 800 MHz processor, old motherboard and GeForce2 MX graphics card. If then the comparison also extends to the old 17-inch identical for equipment but with less Bluetooth and Airport Extreme predisposition, it turns out that the purchase of the new machine leads to a saving of 360 euros.

In the price list there is also a model equipped with 1 GB of Ram and built-in Bluetooth from 2871.80 euros

Good news also for those who want to buy an eMac. The model with combined burner with DVD player drops from € 1438.80 to € 1198.80. The model with Superdrive and 800 MHz processor, even, costs only 1558.80 euros compared to 2038.80 of the previous model. Finally, the Superdrive + model (Ram 348MB, base for eMac and Apple Care Protection Plan) costs € 1928.80 instead of € 2408.40.

The prices indicated are all VAT included.

A table with features and prices comparing the old and new iMac series on this ilmioMac page.