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New G4s, bone prices for a new strategy

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There are not many hardware innovations of the new PowerMacs, but this does not mean that we can dismiss the release of today's updates as something taken for granted or to be passed on as a minor event.

On the contrary, if you scroll through the list of specifications and, above all, prices, you will notice news of a certain interest and a "red thread" that links the hardware updates with what happened in San Francisco.

The first factor that is impossible not to notice are the costs. Machine prices plummet. And if this is justified in the entry level from two to one processor, it is not the same for the higher versions which in fact maintain the same speed, as in the case of 1.25 GHz, the two processors, the same graphics card, adds the firewire port from 800 but it goes from 4318 euro (VAT included) to 2518 euro, almost 45% less. A really big discount, even considering that the DVD burner is missing and that there is only one MB of third level cache.

The downside effect has repercussions across the board. The aforementioned 1 GHZ version (“old” Ram DDR 266, Geforce MX4 and DVD + RW combo) costs 1799 euros including VAT; the 1.25 GHz version (Ram DDR 333 with combined burner, ATI Radeon 9000) costs 2518 euros; the 1.42 GHz model with dual processor (2 MB cache for each processor, 120 GB disk, DVD burner, 512 MB of Ram) costs "just" 3358 euros. If you think that the corresponding "very fast" model with a 1.25 GHz processor cost 4318 euros until this morning, you understand what kind of cost reduction there has been.

The same happens in the field of monitors. The 17-inch drops from 1378 euros to 839 euros and for the 23-inch model there is an exhibition discount: from 5185 euros to 2638 euros.

The logic behind all this, at first glance, appears clear. On the one hand, Apple intends to stimulate purchases and on the other to attack a wider audience, including the consumer. Among these are the "directors" amateurs to whom the iMac or eMac is not enough, fans of games, the "home" audience but who want systems to be put on the net, flexible and powerful.

The same policy reverberates in the field of monitors. Now the 17-inch really within reach of many pockets and able to compete with lower quality and smaller displays. The 23 inch at 2639 euros, just over 5 million, represents an "object of desire" achievable for many video enthusiasts, users who can also use it to watch a movie in the living room or to take away the whim of showing holiday movies to friends.

A few "sensational" hardware news, we said (we will deal with it in another article), but several food for thought to understand the direction Apple is heading. A direction that Jobs has clearly indicated during the last Macworld and that Cupertino reaffirms in fact with today's events.