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New G4, lower prices and a 20 ″ monitor

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New G4 with FireWire 800 with speed from 1 to 1.42 GHz, four USB ports with predisposition for Bluetooth, Firewire 800 and Airport Extreme. New 20-inch wide monitor and new reduced price for the 23 inches and the 17 inches.

Here is the first flurry of news that arrived a few minutes ago on the Apple Store website.

Waiting for further details and to carefully explore the technical characteristics of the new machines, it can be said that Apple has operated with some caution by changing only the specifications of the Pro machines. No revolutions, therefore, but a touch-up necessary to give vitality to a sector , the professional one, which languished in sales. The biggest news comes from the connectivity with the Firewire 800 port which has been added to those already present, from the internal Bluetooth preparation, from the predisposition for the IEEE 800.11g fast wireless connection called Airport Extreme.

Note that the new Pro machines are not able to boot from Mac OS 9. for the nostalgic (or those who cannot give up due to old applications) to the old system, the old G4 dual processor at 1.25 GHz remains on the market.

Interesting, (a confirmation of the revelations on the subject that has made our site in recent days, the release of a 20-inch wide 1680 × 1050 pixels and with the 17 that drops on the American market from $ 999 to $ 699 and with the 23 inches that drops to $ 1999 (from $ 3499). As expected, the 22-inch disappears from the market. Apple no longer has a 15 "LCD monitor on the list.