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New ATI chips in March?

New ATI chips in March? – Macitynet.it

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ATI has learned to launch a new challenge in Nvida. According to some sources, in fact, in March it could arrive on the market with the R350.

The chip, a new version of the R300 at the base of the Radeon 9700 Pro, would have a clock speed between 375 and 400 MHz, support up to 256 MB of Ram and a speed increase in general performance in the order of 15/25 %.

If this data and release times were correct, it would mean that ATI would be able to go on the market simultaneously if not preceding the GeForce FX with a faster processor than that of the competitor Nvidia.

Simultaneously ATI should also introduce a new version of the processor that underlies the Radeon 9000 (also used by the Mac), all with lower prices than those that are possible for Nvidia in the same performance ranges. The ATI products, in fact, are built with older technologies (peaks the circuitry at 0.15 microns instead of the 0.13 of the GeForce FX) but still competitive and much cheaper than those of Nvidia.

The new high-end chip is expected to be marketed under the name Radeon 9900. The presentation could take place at the CeBit in Hanover which opens on March 12th.

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