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New 2 GHz Xeon, old story

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New 2 GHz Xeon, old story logomacitynet1200wide 1

Intel is expected to announce a new version of its Xeon processors today. The chips, in fact, being intended for the server market, the "big brothers" of the Pentium, will have speeds of up to 2 GHz, thus bringing even in a more profitable market segment the same speed threshold that characterizes the consumer PC market. It is to be noted that Xeon, presented last May, has not had a huge success among OEMs. There are still few computer houses that have decided to adopt the processor and analysts are waiting with curiosity to see if the successor of the first models will have more luck. One of the biggest doubts of Intel customers that at a price higher than that of the Pentium 4 corresponds to an increase in performance and yield. The same doubt, some sources claim, could also project on this upgrade. Despite the clock difference between the previous version at 1.7 GHz and the one that will be released today at 2 GHz both on the paper of 18% the actual jump in performance may not be greater than 10%, this for a cost of 40% higher.

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