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New 1 GHz iMac

Here are the new iMacs.

As expected for several days Apple today released an update of the iMac LCD.

The main novelty is a 1 GHz iMac equipped with Supedrive 4x and internal predisposition for Bluetooth module and Airport Extreme. The screen remains at 17 inches. The bus is brought to 133 MHz and, therefore, also the motherboard is modified

The 15-inch model is also kept alive whose processor is brought to 800 MHz. The motherboard remains the known one from 100 MHz. In this case, therefore, no internal plug (but obvious predisposition on USB) for Bluetooth n card adapter for Airport Extreme. The burner is a CD-RW combined with a DVD player

Prices, reversing a trend that seemed consolidated, rise, at least on the US market. The 15 ″ iMac with Superdrive costs $ 1799 (compared to $ 1699 from the previous model). It is necessary to consider that the more powerful processor, the more capable hard disk and that the motherboard, renewed, completely similar to that of some Pro models.

There is also a price increase for the entry level: $ 1299 against the $ 1199 of the old entry level model. In this case it would be appropriate to speak of a decrease in costs given that the new 15-inch entry level, in fact, the mid level of the previous series (given that combo drives are obtained, 128 MB of Ram more, 60 GB disk, Pro Speakers) sold for $ 200 less

Also new for eMacs which now, on the US market, cost respectively $ 100 less ($ 999) for the entry level model with 700 MHz DVD + CD-RW, and $ 200 less for the model with Superdrive and processor from 800 MHz it costs

No news, at least for now, for iPod and eMac.

On the new iMacs, their prices, their equipment our readers can exchange opinions and impressions in this topic of our forum

We remind you that on ilmioMac there is an iMac / eMac channel channel where you can find all the specific news about these Apple models and that will be updated in the next few hours with technical details and information on white all-in-ones.