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Are you the type of man who never fails to hang a cigarette butt from the corner of his mouth? Paying (sooner or later) 10 euros for your favorite pack of cigarettes won't stop you from getting a couple a day? Do you think that the anti-smoking segregation fences in California should be listed as a crime against humanity in the annual reports of Amnesty International?

Above all, smoke and smoke in front of the computer to the point that the screen of a uniform gray color and the cooling fans cough rather than buzzing? Well, if you belong to this category of users, this accessory, produced by the American Frozen CPU, which it will seem more bizarre, to cover your ideal catalog of "never more without". To install it, in addition to a recidivist and rooted vice for smoking and at $ 19, you must have a 5-inch compartment and a quarter free on the PC (Mac and Wintel, for once, makes no distinction). And here you can light your cigarette in front of your computer forgetting your lighter and matches at home. Compatible with all types of lung cancer.

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