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Netatmo Welcome now compatible with HomeKit Secure Video

Netatmo Welcome now compatible with HomeKit Secure Video

Netatmo Welcome gains official compatibility with Homekit Secure Video: the video camera, in addition to the ability to recognize people at no additional cost, therefore now benefits from additional functions thanks to the HomeKit news introduced at last WWDC 2019.

For those who have a Homekit system, the update is a significant step forward since, from now on, the image material can not only be saved directly to iCloud, but also encrypted directly from the home hub.

Remember that to use HomeKit Secure Video you need at least a 200 GB iCloud storage plan, even if the images are not counted in the available storage space .. but let's see the details.

The software update, free and automatic, will be gradually available starting from the next days for all devices, including those already on the market, and will allow users to play the videos recorded by their cameras in the Apple Home app and save them safely in iCloud .

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<p>The Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera among the first on the market with compatibility with HomeKit Secure Video. Thanks to the integrated facial recognition technology, the device can distinguish faces known from strangers and identify harmless movements. In fact, when the camera detects an unknown one, it sends an instant notification to the user's smartphone with a photo and video of the intruder.</p>
<p>Users are particularly sensitive to the issue of protecting the security of images in their home. They want to make sure that their videos are protected and that nobody can access them. To address these concerns, we have developed cameras with local storage and to offer even more functionality we have decided to support Apple's HomeKit Secure Video.</p>
<p>It allows Netatmo users to safely back up the activities detected on iCloud. Starting today, in addition to local storage, Netatmo users can choose between 3 cloud saving mode options: Apple HomeKit Secure Video, Dropbox or on their own FTP server, explained Fred Potter, Founder of Netatmo.</p>
<p>Now Apple users can view videos in real time and even a 10-day history of activity detected by their video camera in the Apple Home application directly from their iPhone, iPad or Mac. Owners of Netatmo Smart Indoor Cameras will be able to store videos locally on the microSD card, included for free in devices, and also on iCloud, with selected storage plans.</p>
<p>For a HomeKit Secure Video-enabled camera, you need a 200 GB iCloud storage plan available for free. While the 2TB service works with up to 5 cameras, all this without impacting the user's iCloud storage limit.</p>
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HomeKit Secure Video allows you to configure Apple TV, HomePod and iPad as a home hub, which uses the intelligence of the camera to privately analyze the detected activities and understand if it is a person, an animal or a vehicle before storing them on iCloud and making them visible only to the user. Price and availability

The Smart Indoor Camera available at the public price of 199.99 but not difficult to find at a lower price. All product features are available for free. No subscription or additional costs required to use the Camera or consult its data.

Netatmo's other model, the Smart Outdoor Camera, will be compatible with HomeKit Secure Video later this year.

We remind you that we have already carried out several tests of the Netatmo Welcome camera on this page alone and here in combination with the tags of the alarm system.