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Netatmo, the station that measures the quality of the air by communicating with iPhone and iPad

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Weather enthusiasts will be fascinated by Netatmo's Urban Weather Station, a device for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and also Android that allows you to monitor weather conditions and measure air quality taking into account elements such as: temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2 level and more. The weather station determines the quality of home or office environments, transmitting data via WiFi to Netatmo, a dedicated application for reading / managing user-friendly data. The company's objectives also include the creation of a network for monitoring environmental conditions; exploiting the data of stations located all over the world, it will be possible to help meteorologists, scientists and environmental activists to better understand the climate changes taking place.netatmo

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The device can assess the quality of the air inside a building by measuring carbon dioxide concentrations and alert the user on iOS and Android devices when they reach excessive levels so that it can act and, for example, open the windows by ventilating the environment.

The device is also convenient for those who practice sports as it offers the possibility of evaluating the best time for outdoor physical activities, also taking into account the quality of the air. In addition to receiving notifications on air quality and weather conditions, users can access a dedicated account (valid for life) where they can read the measurements made over time and access historical data.

LUrban Weather Station displays the seven-day weather forecast in detail and integrates an indicator that measures the CO2 level. It is also possible to detect sounds and make sure that the level of these in the home environment is always at acceptable levels for health, useful to protect family members from noise pollution. The station comes with two modules: one for the inside and one for the outside (they can be powered via USB or with four AAA batteries). The outer casing is a single piece of aluminum and a hook allows installation on the wall. The station can be purchased directly from the manufacturer's website at a price of 169.00 euros + shipping costs.

(By Mauro Notarianni)