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Nest, after the thermostat comes the smoke detector

Nest, after the thermostat comes the smoke detector

Nest, after the thermostat comes the smoke detector

Nest Labs, the company created by Tony Fadell (former general manager of the “iPod, iSight & Special Projects Group” projects for Apple, considered the pop of the iPod), already known for having launched the new generation thermostat (Nest), launched before end of the year Protect (at least what AllThingsD calls it), a particular smoke detector. Obviously also in this case we are faced with an innovative product: we are talking about monitoring services capable of alerting the user when smoke or flames are detected, the possibility of communicating with the thermostat through a WiFi channel, functions that allow the alarm to be stopped with a gesture of the hand on the detector and the possibility of identifying the presence of carbon monoxide (an odorless, colorless and tasteless poisonous gas produced by the combustion of some materials).

The company is creating modern products with which to associate services capable of retaining customers for their specificity, a mechanism to which Microsoft, Google and others have long been interested, working on interconnected systems for the management of heating, air conditioning, for the management of lights and so on (Microsoft is working on an operating system for home automation called Home OS, a hub for managing the home environment, a centralized operating system for home automation and the management of home devices like network devices) . Matt Roger, Fadell's partner, has made it clear that he is also working on other devices by declaring to TechCrunch that he intends to redesign all the hated white plastic junk found in the house.

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