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Native Android applications: the best resources to improve them

Google Fotocamera migliorare applicazioni Native Android

And what is known that the smartphones on which Android runs as an operating system are absolutely different, for the simple reason that the various manufacturers such as HTC, Samsung, Sony – to name a few – add their own applications, specific functions and extremely personalized interfaces. Result? Each Android different from the other, also because LG, Motorola and other Chinese manufacturers mount the original version of Android, without introducing substantial innovations compared to what is provided by the developers. The problem that native Android applications they are not perfect. In this regard, with today's article, I would like to point out a list of resources capable of drastically improving its performance.

Google Camera: on various Android devices, the camera to take photos and to shoot videos, you may experience significant improvements if you wish to install this application Colossus of Mountain View that has on his lfast autofocus, the lens blur, which best defines close-ups, and various avant-garde functions, including the Overview mode and the mode Sphere photos.

Textra SMS improve Native Android applications

Textra SMS: regarding the sending and receiving of SMS, there are numerous solutions to improve Hangouts that of all the native Android applications perhaps the most uncomfortable one for many users. Textra SMS in my opinion, an excellent application for sending messages, characterized by voluntarily Spartan graphics to allow you to view notifications and to respond immediately, without the need to enter the app.

Commander for Google Now improve Native Android applications

Commander for Google Now: Google Now the Android voice assistant. The gap with Siri c. Needless to hide it. Therefore, if you wish to extend its functions, I would like to point out the tool developed by RSenApps which can give you personalized orders, such as Enable Bluetooth, Disable Wi-Fi and so on.

Swiftkey keyboard

Swiftkey keyboard + Emoji: between native Android applications, the Google keyboard is certainly not the best if you are looking for fast writing. Swiftkey the non plus ultra of the productivity category, for the simple fact that it can learn from your daily use, anticipating the words you are about to type. Following the first free installation, this resource will analyze your old SMS, your Facebook posts, your tweets and your emails, just to understand how you write. From there, just activate the mode Flow and the correction of spelling errors will be automatic.

This is the list of what I consider the best resources to improve them native Android applications. If you know others, tell us about them.

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