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Napster almost ready to return with Roxio

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Three months have passed since the acquisition of the Napster brand by Roxio, the company that sells the main application of the burners, Toast, we are at the gates of a new era of the former clandestine music exchange service with the file sharing mode .

"Napster will be reborn but paid" was the statement by Elliot Carpenter of Roxio, we will know more soon.

Meanwhile, the NMPA – National Music Publishers' Association filed a few days ago against the German Bertlesmann, who at the end of 2000 had invested in the purchase of Napster, over 100 million dollars, canceling only some "features" useful for music piracy, but leaving others still open, hence the retaliation of the NMPA.

In practice Bertlesmann with the purchase of Napster (even if the Germans now deny having ever had Napster among their brands), and its financing, has extended over time the dubious activities of Napster.

Seventeen billion dollars appears to be a credible estimate of NMPA's claims in the southern New York district court against Bertlesmann.