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NAMM W2003: TC Works announces support for Mac OS X and PowerCore Audio Unit

TC Works has announced a PowerCore DSP driver for Mac OS X to NAMM, adding with this update also support for Apple's plug-in format, namely AudioUnit, and a further increase in performance. All users of applications such as Emagic Logic , Steinberg Cubase and Nuendo and other applications with AudioUnit and VST support will benefit from the new driver. A version for MOTU will follow in the coming months.

PowerCore includes a series of plug-ins of a quality comparable to that of stand-alone processors. Version 1.7 has 9 plug-ins: -MegaReverb, natural reverb from the TC M5000-ClassicVerb processor, musical reverb that simulates the classic “hi-end” reverb -MasterX3, TC Finalizer Multiband Mastering Virtual Processor-EQSat, 5-Band Mastering EQ-Vintage CL, compressor and limiter with “analog” sound – VoiceStrip, voice sound channel strip complete with vintage compression, deessing, Lo Cut EQ, Voice EQ, gate and SoftSat.-247 / C Limiting Amplifier, virtual version of a classic Limiter-Chorus / Delay, emulation of the TC1210 Spatial Expander-PowerCore 01, emulation of the famous SH101 synth

PowerCore 1.7 for Mac OS X will be available free of charge to registered users from the TC Works website from March 2003. PowerCore has a retail price of 1199 Euros.

Two new plug-ins for PowerCore were also presented: ASSIMILATOR and OXFORD INFLATOR.

TC Works also unveiled a new version of the Spark mastering program. Version 2.7 will be available from February 2003, and will add the ability to burn CDs directly from the Spark XL playlist, keeping fades and pauses as set in the playlist. Track indexes can be turned on or off by region, so different regions can be used to create a single track without rendering.

"Direct CD burning was the # 1 request from our users," says Ralf Schluenzen, CEO of TC Works. "We are happy to be able to offer this functionality to Mac OS X now, with full integration with the playlist."

Spark XL 2.7 will be the first version only compatible with Mac OS X. Mac OS 9 is no longer supported in this version. Support for the Apple AudioUnit plug-in format is part of an additional update that will be released in the spring.

Spark XL 2.6 users will be able to download the update to 2.7 directly from the TC Works website.

Spark XL 2.7 for Mac OS X will be available in February 2003 for 499 Euros. The update from Spark (any version) and Spark XL 1.x will cost $ 149 USD, the update from Spark XL 2.0 and 2.5 $ 99 USD, while from Spark XL 2.6 the update will be free.


(By Daniele Volpin)