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NAMM: Unity 3.0 Session for Mac OS X and 9 presented

BitHeadz Inc. has announced Unity 3 Session, a product that combines and expands the potential of Unity DS-1 and Retro AS-1. The new plug-in architecture allows the combination of sampling, synthesis and physical modeling with extensive manipulation capabilities in real-time.The product will include some Gigabytes of sound libraries, and will be compatible with both Mac OS X and Mac OS 9. The powerful editing capabilities of the product are enhanced by the ability to convert many sample formats, such as GigaSampler, Sound Designer 2, Akai, Unity DS-1, Retro AS-1, Phrazer, AIFF, WAV, DLS, SoundFonts and Roland.Improved compatibility of the sequencer, and Unity Session will automatically detect MAS, VST, RTAS and DirectConnect formats. The price will be around $ 649 USD, and BitHeadz will also release updates to version 3.0 of Unity DS-1 ($ 449 USD) and Retro AS-1 ($ 256 USD).

For Unity users, BitHeadz has also launched a new free FTP site, which initially will contain demo sound sets, tutorials and easy access to sample libraries for registered users. Offering free and downloadable sounds is only the first step development of this online resource center, which will be accessible to users 24 hours a day.