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NAMM: Steinberg announces the VST System Link system

NAMM: Steinberg announces the VST System Link system logomacitynet1200wide 1

Steinberg presents the new VST System Link system, which allows you to connect multiple Macs using a simple digital audio cable.The system is infinitely expandable, and allows for example to run audio tracks, with their effects, compressors and plug-ins on a Mac, while VST Instruments such as HALion, The Grand, LM4 Mk II etc., can be run on another machine, thanks to data synchronization.This technology will allow you to eliminate those limits that until now have made machines very necessary. powerful to run these instruments at the same time. The VST System Link system will be available for Cubase VST and Nuendo by April 2002.

For information: http://www.steinberg.net

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