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NAB: CinemaTools, heir to FilmLogic.

Twenty-four frames per second, the identification of the cinematography and with CinemaTools for FinalCut Pro 3, Apple's professional digital editing application is no longer afraid to break through in this sector which, already legitimizes Cupertino's efforts in this sense. support of 24 fps in HD – High Definition (1,920 pixels per line with 1,080 lines each frame) and related EDL and cut lists in FinalCut Pro; optimized film transfer; assured transformation from NTSC and PAL format into 24 fps. The accepted formats are the most common: OfflineRT, DV and SD uncompressed HD. CinemaTools derives from the popular FilmLogic, maintains compatibility with the databases of this software and those who "made the bones ”on this application will find migration natural. In the AppleStore USA CinemaTools 1.0 (which works exclusively in conjunction with FinalCut Pro) it costs 1000 dollars, at the Italian AppleStore (software / video category) there is for now only a description in English. CinemaTools, works with Mac OS X 10.1.3 and FinalCut Pro 3.0.2 (update not yet available); more info in the PDF of CinemaTools (537 KB).