My Premier League Life connects your life with that of your favorite team

My Premier League Life connects your life with that of your favorite team

How nice it would be if even in the Italian Championship there was an app like the one made for BBC Sports


How many things can be done with big data and infographics in order to create a customizable web service, especially in an area such as football that is still not very intelligently digitized. Still many, we assure you.

A striking and very bright example comes from england and the service created by IIB Studio for BBC Sport. It all starts from a very simple assumption and from a question addressed to every football fan, namely: what were the ups and downs, falls and resurrections and in general the things to remember of your favorite team, throughout your life?

This is how My Premier League Life is born, a free web application where the user, by entering his date of birth, can create his own customizable dashboard that displays the rich history of his favorite club (here the example with Everton) thanks to a series of interesting and comprehensible infographics on his team: trophies won, positions in the rankings since you reached the age of majority, the uniforms that have followed, the relationships between wins and losses, direct clashes with the main competitors, the most viewed matches, in a continuous parallel between club history and personal biography.

My Premier League Life

The platform works both on desktop, tablet and mobile and in all of these obviously there is the possibility of share your data on social media.

Duncan Swain, creative partner of the IIB Studio, says We have long thought about the narrative structure and how to involve people. So we created at the end of the page a sort of intelligent algorithm that leads people to wondering if it's really worth following your club in all these years".

My Premier League Life

Tomorrow begins what was once called the most beautiful championship in the world and perhaps still does. However it would be nice for someone to think of such a digital tool to further enhance it.


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