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MWSF 2008: Macally mouse for Mac and accessories for iPhone and iPod

Many Macally proposals for the Macworld just ended: there are mainly some accessories for iPod and iPhone and four new mice.


The most interesting accessory certainly Flextune for iPhone and iPod with dock connector. Flextune it has the particularity of being able to host the Apple mobile phone (or the iPod touch) in a horizontal or vertical position. This option will allow the dock to be used both for listening to music and for watching videos and videos. It includes an additional line-in, the classic controls for playback, and the dock, as well as with batteries, can also be used via an adapter for the mains. The price of 69.99 dollars.

Two other new features for iPhone and iPod touch are theIP-T805 and theIP-PH804 which, despite the complex name, are nothing more than two protective films to protect the screen and mirror surface of the iPod touch and the iPhone multitouch screen. The price has not yet been specified.

The other novelties of Macally are four new mice, compatible with both Mac and PC.


L'Accuglide a very simple USB mouse, equipped with a mechanical optical hybrid pointing system and 800 DPI resolution.


The Pebble a higher-end USB optical mouse with 5 buttons supplied and a four-scroll wheel. Ergonomic design and selectable resolution from 400, 800 or 1600 DPI.


The Peeble it also exists in the Wireless version, usable with two stylus batteries.


We conclude with the TurtleUSB portable optical mouse with retractable cable and 800 DPI sensor.

As usual, Macally presented prototypes and novelties that it would later introduce on the market and used the Expo to test the opinion of customers.

Recall that in Italy Macally products are distributed by ADL and Ellessecom.