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MWSF 2003: FireWire 2 now a certainty.

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MWSF 2003: FireWire 2 now a certainty. –

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The certainty comes from reading the Expo catalog made available by IDG to the press in these hours. First of all, among the main sponsors of the event we find Oxford Semiconductor which presents its flagship product OXF922, the heir of 911, as Gold Sponsor. We spoke a few weeks ago about the Bridge in agreement with Lacie who was among the first companies to focus on new technology of the English manufacturer.We remember among other things that the bridge allows you to take advantage of hard drives with ATA 133 interface with master and slave mode, supports data rates up to 80 MB / s, ATA6 LBA and DMA bypass. The transfer speed allowed from FireWire 2 (or more technically, 1394b) of 800 Mbps, well above the 480 MBps of USB2 and used more efficiently. The disks equipped with the bridge will be compatible with the "basic" versions of FireWire and 1.1 of USB.

Further confirmation of the USB presentation also comes from the information in the Expo catalog regarding manufacturers and assemblers present at the show: among them Other World Computing which will present its OWC Mercury 1394b line available in single or raid solutions from 40 to 400 GB.

Now we just have to wait for Apple to allow these speed samples to connect to its CPUs. And we won't wait long!

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