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Music and voice in motion also from iPhone with Midland BT

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Talking on your cell phone and listening to music on your scooter, in a practical and immediate way and at the same time communicating with other scooters on the move. Here is what Midland BT, a new device developed by the transceiver specialist, can do.helmet with midland bt Eva

Midland BT, offered in two City versions, for Him, and Eva, designed for Her in the Swarovsky Elements version, are in fact two very small and technologically advanced Bluethooth Headsets capable of interfacing wirelessly with cell phones, GPS and with Mp3 Stereo music sources ensuring excellent sound quality. The AGC function automatically adjusts the volume of the speakers placed inside the helmet based on the background noise. They are also equipped with a plug for the wired connection with iPods, iPhones and mp3 players not equipped with integrated Bluethooth and PMR446 transceivers.

The BT City and BT Eva devices are equipped with 3 buttons, designed to be recognizable to the touch without distraction from driving and thanks to the integrated Intercom functionality, Midland BT City & Eva can be combined with each other or with other devices of the Midland BT line to allow communication between rider and passenger or between motorcycles and motorcycles up to 200 meters away.

Furthermore, the Midland BT City & Eva devices, once detached from the helmet thanks to a system like "earmuffs" (BT Ski Audio Kit optional), can be worn during outdoor activities, on the ski slopes and by bicycle with the same Intercom functionality, mobile phone responder and stereo audio kit to listen to your favorite music.

BT City costs € 149.00; BT Eva costs € 169.00; Midland BT City & Eva TWIN costs € 269.00.