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Multicolored covers for iPod shuffle from Tunewear

Multicolored Covers for iPod shuffle from Tunewear logomacitynet1200wide 1

The wave of iPod shuffle customization products continues. After carrying cases and gadgets for transport, here is a wide range of colored and original stickers proposed by Tunewear.

The collection consists of 12 different stickers, including the most disparate motifs. They range from designs reminiscent of wallpaper to stylized flames to finish with solid colors and even a marbled pattern.

The stickers have a protective function as they prevent dust and dirt in general from stopping on the surface of the iPod shuffle. According to Poptunes the adhesives can also be reused, provided you take care of the adhesive part. The covers obviously do not damage the iPod shuffle case.

The entire package costs $ 19.95 on the American market.

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