Multi-windows on iPhone, iPod, iPad with Mirmir

Multi-windows on iPhone, iPod, iPad with Mirmir


Download Mirmir tweak from Cydia for iPhone, iPod and iPad. How to have multi-windows on iOS. Open two windows on iPad simultaneously with Signature

Mirmir, Cydia tweak for Multi-windows on iOS

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Multitasking, multiwindow and split-screen on iPhone, iPod and iPad thanks to the Mirmir tweak.

As we have seen in our previous articles, finallyiOS 9 will bring the full multi-tasking split-screen on the latest iPad models with 2 GB of RAM, but this feature will not arrive on all older devices.

How to enable the Multi-Window function on iPad

Second Apple the old iPad they are not powerful enough to support the multi-windowsbut independent developers fortunately disagree and have shown otherwise. Waiting for the release of iOS 9 and its functions multi-windowsin fact, you can already take advantage of this feature on yours iPhone, iPod and iPad thanks to tweakmirmirLet's find out together this new and spectacular tweak that allows you to open two windows simultaneously on iPhone, iPod and iPad and have the true multi windows also on iOS.

Purchasable for $ 3.99 from the repo BigBoss, this tweak allows, with some limitations, to enjoy the multi-windowson all iPhone, iPod and iPad without having to wait iOS 9 and above all it allows you to enjoy these features even on the devices you use Apple not supporter.

Mirmir, the real multi-windows for iOS 8 (but only for those who have the jailbreak)

As anticipated, the tweak Cydia for iOS 8 that I point out to youallows you to have true multitasking and multiwindow on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

You know the tablets and smartphones of Samsung is LG, based on the operating system Android, where the user can split the device screen into two parts to open two applications simultaneously? Here, a similar thing also arrived for iPhone, iPod and iPad with jailbreak thanks to the tweakmirmir.

mirmirin fact, it allows you to divide the screen of iPhone, iPod and iPad into two parts and simultaneously open two programs in two separate screens. Thanks tomirmirwe will be able to open multiple applications simultaneously on iPhone, iPod and iPad to make the most of iOS 8 multitasking, without waiting for iOS 9.

But let's find out in detail this tweakMultifyIn this guide we show you how to install the tweak and use it in the best way to have the real multi-windows on iPad.

Using this tweak is very easy and immediate. Once downloaded, installed and activated, a short tutorial accompanies the user in explaining the main functions. We will have availableseveral app scaling options, both via gesture and through the buttonhome.

The resized windows will offer a gray sidebar for interaction, through which we can change the size, rotate the view, permanently close the app or bring it in split-screen view by dragging it to one side of the display. The latter function, however, not yet properly optimized.This new and interesting feature will therefore allow the use of two apps simultaneously simply by dividing the screen into two parts through a real split-screen.

MultiWindow for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Interestingly, with mirmir also possible to start four applications simultaneously, compatibly with the screen size of your iOS device.

Clearly, for obvious hardware reasons (RAM and processor in particular), the performances are better on iPad Air 2, maMirmir can also be used with the first generation of iPad.

In short, if you need open multiple programs simultaneously on your iPad, with MirMir you can do it in a simple, fast and immediate way.

Here is a video that shows the tweak in operation and allows you to discover all its features.

Just a shame that the functionWindows 8-style dual-view split screen (which even iOS 9 adopts) is not perfectly optimized. We await an update that solves this problem, otherwise the tweak seems to me very good and very interesting.

If you try it, let me know what you think.


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