Multi Port 9 in 1 hub to connect any device

Multi Port 9 in 1 hub to connect any device

multi ports inateck hub

When I use the Mac, I often need to have to connect different external devices via USB cable like Hard Disk, pendrive, SD card, external screen, etc. The MacBook Pro as you know, stingy of doors, so I have to find an alternative and even economic way like a Multi-Port Hub to connect my external storage accessories, screens and Ethernet network simultaneously.

Multi-Port Hub 9 in 1 Inateck

I got to try a External HUB to connect to your MacBook but compatible with any computer, so you don't have these annoying problems anymore. My requirements during the research phase were three: the first that the HUB is USB Type C, the second one is small and has as many ports as possible to avoid having to purchase other adapters.

On Amazon I came across the product Inateck Multi Port Hub 9 in 1 USB C with ABS plastic body, with the advantage that it heats up very little. After trying it and doing some tests, I write this review to share my thoughts on this accessory with you.

HUB to connect 9 devices

inateck hub

Once the package is opened, we find ourselves in front of the HUB only to connect 9 devices in ABS. By lifting the inner casing, we find the device with USB cable C integrated with housing arranged to collect it. I really appreciated the choice of offering an integrated cable, even if a little short.

connect hub

The device Inateck HB9003-BK a HUB to connect 9 built devices keeping in mind all the customer's needs, knowing the problems and finding a solution. LHUB consists of a unibody body in plastic material gray in color, well organized to hold such a large number of doors in a fairly small body: 12.2 x 7 x 1.4 cm.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right hub for your computer, as they don't always offer everything they promise. Especially those who claim to offer more support for the 4K monitor. Sometimes an Ethernet port doesn't work for some specifications, or the USB ports fail to provide the transfer speeds you were hoping for. Then sometimes you find one that seems to do everything right, and you wonder. This is the case of the HUB Inateck.

Use of multi-port Inateck Hub

9-port adapter

We tested theInateck type C USB hub 9 in 1 released just a few months ago. Moving on to our tests, I started to get an opinion fairly quickly. Mainly because nothing went wrong.

It is designed like most hubs, mainly made of plastic, with various ports running along the edges. The type C USB connection cable to connect it to the computer about 10 cm long and fits perfectly into the body of the hub itself.

hub cable

Offers a wide selection of ports, including one VGA port if the display you need to connect to is a bit vintage. For the rest, it has two USB 3.0 ports (type A) for accessories or units two USB ports 3.1 (type C) for charging PD connected computer for charging. A network port is also available Ethernet 5 Gbps and two slots for SD memory cards is microSD. Everything seems to work perfectly.

5GB ethernet port

The ability to supply power through type C ports is important, since if you use this device on a laptop that loads through the type C port, you can continue to do so by connecting the charger to one of the ports on this hub while in use ( while being able to use all the other additional ports simultaneously). This is an important variable since many hub solutions do not allow it, preventing you from using them while your laptop needs to be loaded.

As already mentioned, you don't always get the 4K performance you expect from some of these hubs. Fortunately not the case with this device, which was able to produce 4K smoothly using the integrated HDMI port. C 'for a small warning not advertised by the company. The HDMI port one HDMI 1.4 and not the last 2.0 (do not list the specific version anywhere). This means you can only get one 4K @ 30Hz instead of 4K at 60Hz. still a pity that they have not chosen to follow the path of 2.0.

inateck 9 doors

You can use HDMI and VGA at the same time, but with a limited resolution of 1080 for each. The hub works with both Windows (7 or later) and Mac OS X systems. We've found that Windows 10 and Mac OS X work perfectly in our experience. However, it does not work completely with Android smartphones equipped with a USB 3.1 type C connection, as it appears that the ports of these phones do not provide enough power. However, it can work with these phones for USB ports in general (for example, you will not be able to use HDMI because you see a flickering screen). Then, purchase this device for use with a computer (laptop in general) to get the most out of it.


The fantastic and inateck hub works just as it promises. It seems to be well built and all the doors seem to work without problems. You can charge a laptop while using USB Type C ports at the same time, and you can get at least 4K @ 30Hz quality. This makes it a good companion for all today's modern laptops that lack many of the input / output provided in exchange for more subtle solutions.

If the HUB 9 ports Inateck HB9003-BK has satisfied you and you want to buy it, you can do it on Amazon at the following link.